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" * Maid’s uniforms
  * Schoolgirl outfits
  * Dresses
  * Skirts & blouses
  * Shoes & boots
  * Corsets, girdles, bras, suspender belts
  * Knickers/panties in a wide variety of styles
  * Pretty petticoats & silky slips
  * Stockings, tights
  * Wigs
  * Babydoll nighties
  * Silicone breast forms - yes boobies"...

Your day will start with your transformation in my dedicated feminisation boudoir. Your make-up (if required) will be applied and we will select your lingerie, outfit, shoes and wig, as appropriate. In addition, deportment training will prepare you for your duties as the perfect fashion accessory and labour-saving device for the busy Mistress.


You will be afforded the honour of helping me to dress and prepare for the arrival of my Lovers. However, don't think your service will be all prissiness - you will be expected to perform “real-life” maid’s duties including house-cleaning, laundry and taking care of my collection of shoes and boots as well as fetish clothing and equipment.

You may also be required to wait upon me, preparing & serving drinks and maybe even lunch. Discipline, in its many and varied guises, will invariably form an integral part of your training.Rather than being my sissy maid

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"Girls night out" see the "whore wives smiling faces" they know what will happend Pictures with stories inside
I don't know what I expected but I found Art to be very pleasant and articulate. During that evening I could see that Alice had been charmed by Art. Art asked me if we would be back the next night. I told him that I had to go out of town so I wouldn't be able to bring her. Art then asked if I would allow him to pick up Alice and take her out. I still don't know why I said yes.

I found a night club in a neighboring town that has a lot of mixed couples. One night Alice and I went there "just to watch." As we sat at a
table, a good looking young black man came over to ask Alice to dance. She looked at me for permission. I smiled and told her it was up to her. Alice hesitantly went but within a couple minutes she was caught up in the music. I sat watching Alice dance a fast dance without much body contact then as that dance ended the guy she was dancing with took her hand and asked Kat for the next one. This dance was a slow number and in no time she was rubbing against her black partner. When Alice finally returned to our table, her nipples were poking out like two hard fingers, signaling her arousal.


Alice barely had time to catch her breath before another black asked her to dance. This went on for the rest of the night.The next week we were back at the same club. One of the men Kat had met the week before was there and after Alice danced with him several times she introduced him to me.

Hell alice is my wife and here I was giving my permission for her to go out on a "date." On the way home Alice bubbled as she talked about Art then she suddenly went silent. Alice reached out to touch my arm and with a serious look, asked if I was sure it was all right. After we got home and sent our baby sitter home, Alice and I talked for several hours. Alice was ready to call the whole thing off but to my surprise, I told herthat I wanted her to go out and have a good time and for her not to feelguilty.

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Jenny" loves when hubby
jerks off his tiny dick and suck her black lover and make him watch"
Pictures with stories inside
Well you see Brian" she laughed, Rich is a real man, a dominant man who gets what he wants. And when I was on my knees in front of his thick 12" cock, I wanted it deep in my mouth. I wanted to suck all his come out of him and swallow it to please him "Hello Big Cock" she laughed "the wimp knows the score,

I admit too, I loved seeing my hubby in his collar in front of me filming after Devon fucked me senseless with his fingers, I wanted to suck him more, so I had Rich put he camera down and as Devon laid back I ordered Rich to get on the bed and personally hold his massive black cock. I even had him stroke it for me to get it extra stiff . I loved seeing him stroke that huge black cock for me and then hold it still while I sucked it! Now everything in life was perfect, Here I was, with a black stud for a boyfriend, and my slave hubby stroking and holding this huge black cock up for me to suck!!


after a while since Rich did such and good job for me, I broke down, LOL, and allowed Rich to put his cock in my mouth while Devon now licked my cunt and fingered my asshole. Rich deserved this and I really did want to include him in this today. What a 3 way, I was living all my dreams today!! Finally it was time though, Devon was ready to enter my cunt and I had Rich hold Devon's cock and guide and slide it into my cunt for him! This is a tradition Rich and I have, I squirted all over Devon's cock and Rich's hand on entry of this black beauty into my hot pussy!

My slave hubby now knows that my cunt is not for his white cock anymore, but for beautiful black cocks. As well he learned that his new place in life is naked and collared at the feet of his black masters. Also that he is now going to be trained to eat the cum squirted from my black studs cocks out of my cunt and asshole. Now this is a truly fitting departure and ending, for today and so many dreams of mine coming true for me......Now clearly I'm a proudly confirmed........ BLACK COCK SLUT

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"Wives breeding sessions"pregnant with black lovers baby Pictures with stories inside
Susan looked at me and then at Terry and said, "You don't have to use one of those tonight. My husband will be taking care of any messes tonight, won't you darling?"Susan pulled up her knees and Terry began to fuck her unprotected womb! For the first time in 15 years, she had another man's unprotected cock inside of her pussy.I saw his black cock disappear into her blonde pussy hair, and I wondered if he would put a black baby into my wife tonight.

I confessed that I had wanted her to fuck someone else and that I wanted to watch. She made sure over the next few months that this was not a passing fancy, but that I really wanted to go through with it. She would tell me while we were fucking, of how men would make passes at her, since she lost the weight and especially since she had the boob job. I could just imagine these men having their way with her, every time it brought a terrific orgasm.Terry was a well-built black man in his late 20's who in addition to his full time profession as a CPA, also dabbled in providing cock service to horny white wives. Terry told us that he had been with many white wives and had their husbands to watch


Susan was the first to mention the birth control issue. Since the birth of our last child, I had my equipment snipped. Terry said that he did not care? He is constantly tested and only stays with married women. Susan wanted condoms to be used, I kind of hinted that it was ok with me if he went bareback The night finally came and we met for dinner. Susan wore a black strapless dress, with a strand of pearls. Underneath, she wore only thong panties and thigh top stockings. Her boob job prevented her from needing a bra. We finished dinner and went upstairs. Terry did a fantastic job fucking Susan that night. He brought her to several orgasms before he entered her with his condom- clad cock.

She said, "Well here it is." "Your pussy if filled with someone else's cum." "Are you going to clean it out now?" she asked. Susan began to squeeze her pussy muscle, forcing more of his seed out of her pussy and into my mouth. Three weeks later, Susan mentioned that she had not had her period? I asked her why not? She is usually regular like clock work. She went to the calendar and looked. Then she turned a ghastly pale white. She looked at me and said," I was with him 3 weeks ago, I could be pregnant!"

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The wives show of their dildos and strap on-all big´n black offcause" Pictures with stories inside
She must have been soaking wet, because she immediately led him into the bedroom (by his dick) and told him to lie on the bed. Then she straddled him, guided his huge tool to her hole, and slowly, inch by inch, impaled herself on it right down to his balls. As she started slowly sliding up and down on this monster, she turned to me and said that from now on, if I wanted to see big black cocks in her pussy, I would get to see lots..

Kat is , blond, blue eyes, five feet four inches one hundred five pounds

As a joke I bought a black dildo. At ten inches long and over two
inches in diameter it makes my cock look more like a finger. When Kat unwrapped that dildo, she said. "Willy, where have you been." We laughed and kidded about her new black lover never dreaming that one day she might have a real live Willy with a cock to match her toy. This was after our second daughter was born and we had come to the conclusion that my cock just wasn't doing much for Kat. Other than slipping my cock up Kat's ass,our sexual activities were mostly of the oral mature..


Kat began commenting on the size of black cocks we saw on the net. Half joking I made a comment about finding her a black stud. Kat got mad at me and insisted there was nothing wrong with the way things were. Later that night, .

It seemed that every time I turned around the vision of Kat being fucked by a well- hung black stud would pop into my mind. I made a point of subtly showing Kat pictures of black men fucking white wives. I also showed her the interracial sex sites on the net. Kat wouldn't comment much but she was always hotter in bed after seeing a black stud pleasuring aswhite woman..

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